Waterfalls Cairns take the ultimate freshwater shower

There’s nothing better than a magnificent view of the tropical rainforest—except if you’re taking in the same scene from a rushing waterfall.

That’s what the Far North Queensland Waterfall Circuit offers.

These majestic falls located on the Atherton Tablelands are a place to soak your body and purify your mind after a long hike on gorgeous rainforest trails.

Have your camera ready the Cairns waterfalls are spectacular.

Millaa Millaa, an aboriginal name that translates to the waterfall, is by far the most popular and most photographed waterfall on the circuit.

Often featured as media locations to film commercials. The falls are flanked by the town of Millaa Millaa and rise nearly 1500 kilometres above sea level.

The pool formed below is perfectly safe for swimming unless of course, you are the daring sort who prefers to swim behind the rushing waters.

 Waterfalls Cairns
Zillie Falls, North Queensland









Zillie Falls, another one of the circuit’s most beautiful, has an easily accessible overlook platform that offers a view of the rapids and the top of the waterfall itself.

This is an excellent place to take spectacular photographs.

Third on the circuit is the very popular Ellinjaa Falls. They thunder over a series of lava columns and rush to the bottom forming pools that, unfortunately, are not recommended for swimming. But, this particular cascade does afford another photo opportunity via a platform strategically situated for its glorious view.

Pepina is probably one of the less well-known waterfalls on the circuit, but not at all lacking in beauty. It is only a short hike to the bottom, and if you’re willing to get wet, then you can trek through the stream to get right in front of them.

Mungalli, the final waterfall on the circuit is also the tallest at 90 metres. This fall is arguably the most impressive with swimming pools above and below it.

It’s an incredible finale to the Waterfall Circuit of the Atherton Tablelands.

Here you’ll find a restaurant, cabins and campgrounds to get nourishment and rest to prepare for another full day of incredible site-seeing in the Cairns Highlands.

Each of these waterfalls is a classic cascade, and unique in their way as they leap from the cliffs and plunge into the darkness of freshwater pools.

Smaller, less-known waterfalls Cairns dot the circuit, not to mention the exotic tropical wildlife native to the rainforest that you will surely meet along the way.

Whether taking a guided tour or hiring a car to go it alone, you must not miss these amazing gifts of nature in Far North Queensland.