Fitzroy Island Accommodation

Fitzroy Island is a tropical paradise off Cairns’ coast in Queensland, Australia. The island offers a range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly camping sites to a luxury resort.

For those who prefer a more affordable option, Fitzroy Island offers camping sites that allow visitors to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying stunning ocean views. The island also has budget-friendly hostel-style accommodation that provides a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

For those who want a more luxurious experience, Fitzroy Island has a resort that offers a range of accommodation options, including hotel rooms, suites, and beach cabins. These options provide guests with the ultimate comfort and relaxation, with all the necessary amenities and facilities.

Things to do on Fitzroy Island

No matter which accommodation option you choose, Fitzroy Island offers a breathtaking location for a holiday, with crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, and lush tropical rainforests.

  1. Snorkelling and Diving: Fitzroy Island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, so it’s an ideal spot for snorkelling and diving. You can hire gear and take a tour to explore the underwater world.
  2. Trekking: The island has several walking tracks that take you through beautiful rainforests and offer stunning ocean views. The Secret Garden Track is famous and takes you to a beautiful lookout.
  3. Kayaking: Explore the island’s coastline by renting a kayak and paddling. If you prefer, you can also join a guided tour.
  4. Relaxing on the Beach: Fitzroy Island has several beautiful beaches, including Welcome Bay, Nudey Beach and Little Fitzroy Island Beach. These are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or relaxing with a book.
  5. Glass-bottom Boat Tours: If you prefer to stay dry, take a glass-bottom boat tour to see the colourful marine life.
  6. Turtle Rehabilitation Centre: Fitzroy Island is home to a Turtle rehabilitation centre. Here, you can learn about the work done to help injured and sick turtles.

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