Mareeba is part of the Atherton Tablelands

  • Postcode is 4880
  • Mareeba is 417 metres above sea level.
  • Population 11079 (2016 census)
  • Founded: 1877


Brief Facts about Mareeba

Mareeba is the biggest town on the Tropical North Queensland Atherton Tablelands, with a population of over 11,000 people.

How do you pronounce Mareeba?  Mar eeb a.  Mareeba is an Aboriginal name meaning meeting of the waters.


Things to do in Mareeba


There are over 60 tourism-based experiences in Mareeba like a go-kart, racing, hot air ballooning, coffee plantations, and natural attractions.

Waterfalls and swimming holes

Next, visit Granite Gorge, Davies Park Falls and Emerald Falls for a refreshing swim.

Skybury Coffee

Skybury Coffee is Australia’s oldest coffee plantation.  This is a great place to grab a cup of coffee for lunch and learn about the fantastic coffee grown at Skybury.

Here they also grow delicious red papayas which you can purchase by kilogram or a box for a very reasonable amount.

The Skybury kitchen is open from 10 am to 2:30 pm on weekdays.

Mareeba Wetlands

Then stop by Mareeba Wetlands, a 5000-acre natural habitat where you can take e a guided boat tour and relax as you take in the scenery and bird life.

Here you will find self-guided walking tracks from 2 kilometres to 15 kilometres.  First, stop by the Visitor Centre.

Many farms produce a wide range of beautiful products from Coffee, tea, bamboo shoots, mangoes and chocolate, to name a few.

Things to do in Mareeba include visiting a winery and sampling mango wine.

There is something for everyone in Mareeba.

The Mareeba Wetlands is a must-visit.  The world-famous Bharatpur wetland inspired them in India.

The wetlands harness excess water from seasonal overflow from the Mareeba Dimbulah Irrigation Area through a series of wetlands.

The wetlands are home to many flora and fauna – birds, fish, mammals, frogs and reptiles.


This region grows numerous crops of avocados, mangoes, lychees, longans, bananas and pineapples.

There are also coffee plantations, cotton, tea tree and various vegetables.

While you are visiting, sample some mango wine and local coffee.

Annual Events

The Kerribee Park hosts the Mareeba Rodeo Festival in July of each year.

Savannah in the Round North Queensland’s 3-day Music Festival, click on the link to purchase tickets and find out more information.

Multicultural Festival is on 27 August 2022, starting at 10 am with a parade and non-stop entertainment.



Mareeba map