Cairns to Great Barrier Reef

While you are visiting Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef is almost certainly on your bucket list.  There are so many fantastic options, from half-day to extended stays.

Visitors can also book half-day, full-day and extended stays on beautiful tropical islands.

Most of Cairns Great Barrier Reef tours depart from the Marlin Jetty in Cairns.

Marlin Marina

Marlin Marina in Cairns is located right in front of the Pier Shopping Centre in Cairns and is where most Cairns Great Barrier Reef tours depart from.

You can access Cairns Southern Reefs from the Marlin Marina, including Milln, Flynn and Thetford Reefs.  Next, have a look at Silverswift and Prodive to see these reefs.

There are also trips to the Northern Reefs, including Saxon, Norman and Hastings Reefs.  These reefs are best accessed with Reef Encounter and Reef Experience.


Green Island and Fitzroy Island tours also depart from the Marlin Marina.

Reef Fleet Terminal

Reef Fleet Terminal

Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal is located at Number 1 Spence Street in Cairns.  This is at the most eastern point of Spence Street.

Inside the Reef Fleet Terminal, check-in desks for the Great Adventures, Green Island Ferry, and Ocean Spirit.

Cairns best day tour Reef Experience, which also transfers passengers to the Great Barrier Reef floating hotel Reef Encounter departs from Finger A on the Marlin Jetty.