Discover the Great Barrier Reef Islands

From Cairns, there are several Great Barrier Reef Islands to explore.

Each of the islands offers something unique for visitors to discover

Choose from luxurious Island Resorts or primitive seaside island huts.

You can pop on a mask from these islands and snorkel straight off the beach or take a guided tour for more spectacular corals.

To truly appreciate the fragility, rarity, and beauty of the marine life you’ll encounter here, including the curious Minke and Humpback whale species mentioned above and other marine animals.

Escape for a barefoot holiday with sand in your toes, coconut palms and sparkling turquoise waters.

The Great Barrier Reef islands provide engaging and unobtrusive Island accommodations where you can stay, snorkel, and scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth, so vast you can even see it from outer space.

Choose how you want to experience the Great Barrier Reef.  The Great Barrier Reef Islands provide accommodations where you may stay and play.

Green Island

Here you can swim, snorkel, and scuba dive.  Green Island has kayaking for all resort guests, and kite surfing is also popular.   Green Island is surrounded by pristine white sand and is perfect for a quick trip or an extended stay. Find out more

Fitzroy Island

While on Fitzroy Island, visitors can hike, snorkel and explore the beautiful Nudey Beach.

Off the coast of Cairns, you will discover Fitzroy Island and Green Island; A 45-minute ferry ride can take you on half-day, full-day and overnight stays.  Find out more

Frankland Islands

Discover Frankland Islands on a day tour.  Frankland Islands are south of Cairns and offer snorkelling, guided walks and paddleboarding.  Find out more

Lizard Island

North of Cairns is the pristine Lizard Island.  Don’t miss the chance to fly to Lizard Island for a day to discover this island paradise.  Find out more

Sand Cays

For a romantic getaway landing on a secluded sand cay on the Great Barrier Reef for a picnic is sure to impress. Find out more

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Great Barrier Reef islands offer tropical paradise getaways ideal for couples and families.

Green Island and Fitzroy Island offer tours that combine both locations for those wanting to visit the outer barrier Reef.

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