Discover Places of Worship in Cairns

Cairns is a vibrant and multicultural city, offering a variety of places of worship that reflect its rich cultural tapestry. Whether you’re looking for a place to practice your faith or simply interested in exploring the city’s spiritual landmarks, Cairns has something to offer everyone.

St. Monica’s Cathedral

St Monica's Cathedral

One of the most iconic places of worship in Cairns, St. Monica’s Cathedral, is renowned for its stunning stained glass windows, the world’s largest themed stained glass windows. These beautiful windows depict the creation story and the Battle of the Coral Sea, offering a unique blend of art and spirituality. The cathedral is a peaceful retreat in the city’s heart, welcoming visitors to admire its beauty and attend services.

Cairns Baptist Church

138-142 Lake Street, Cairns

Located centrally in Cairns, the Cairns Baptist Church offers worshippers a welcoming and inclusive environment. Known for its community outreach programs and vibrant services, the church is a hub of activity and spiritual growth. Visitors are always welcome to join the Sunday services and other community events.

Cairns Mosque

31 Dunn Street, Cairns North

Serving the Muslim community in Cairns, the Cairns Mosque is a serene place of worship in Bungalow’s suburb. The mosque is open to worshippers and visitors interested in learning more about Islam. Friday prayers and regular community events make it a central part of the local Islamic community.

Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church

18 Balaclava Road, Earlville

This beautiful church in Earlville is another significant Catholic place of worship in Cairns. With its lovely architecture and warm community, Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church offers parishioners various services and activities. The church is dedicated to providing spiritual support and fostering community among its members.

Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre

348 Severin Street, Parramatta Park, Cairns

The Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre is a place of peace and practice in Cairns. Under the patronage and blessing of both His Holiness Sakya Trizin and the late His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, this centre belongs to the Tsarpa subsect of the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism but warmly welcomes all traditions and teachings. Facilitated by Venerable Rinchen, a fully ordained Australian nun in the Tibetan tradition, the centre is open to anyone interested in Buddhism or meditation. Offering regular practices and Buddhist teachings, Khacho Yulo Ling is a tranquil space for learning and spiritual growth.

Cairns Presbyterian Church

87 Sheridan Street, Cairns

Situated in the heart of Cairns, the Cairns Presbyterian Church is known for its friendly congregation and inspiring services. The church provides a range of programs for all ages, including Sunday school, youth groups, and Bible study sessions. It’s a great place to experience a sense of community and deepen your faith.

Cairns Seventh-day Adventist Church

302-308 Gatton Street, Manunda

The Cairns Seventh-day Adventist Church offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for worshippers. Focusing on health, education, and spiritual growth, this church provides various programs and services for its members. Visitors are welcome to attend Sabbath services and other community activities.

Cairns is a city where diverse faiths and traditions come together, offering a rich spiritual landscape for both residents and visitors. Whether you’re seeking a place to worship, meditate, or explore, the places of worship in Cairns provide a welcoming and enriching experience.

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