Cairns Banks

Currency and banks

Find a bank in Cairns that will exchange your foreign currency and provide cash point services so that you can withdraw money.

There are various banks in Cairns to choose from.

The big four,   National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ Bank and Westpac Bank are here of course.

NAB has two offices in Cairns one at 355 Sheridan Street, and also one in Cairns Central Shopping Centre.

CBA has their main office at 76 Lake Street, Cairns and further out of town at located at Stocklands Shopping Centre and also Smithfield Square Shopping Centre.

ANZ has a branch at 363 Sheridan Street, Cairns North at Shop 41, 21 Grafton Street, Cairns and also in the Cairns Central Shopping Centre.

Westpac has four branches including one a Cairns Shopping Centre another at  63-65 Lake Street, Cairns and also one in each of Stockland Shopping Centre at Earlville and Smithfield Square Shopping Centre at Smithfield.

And the smaller ones including Suncorp,  Bendigo and St George all have offices in Cairns.

Suncorp has branches at 27 Lake Street, Cairns as well as Smithfield Square Shopping Centre.

Bendigo has branches at 129 Sheridan Street, Cairns, 227 Mulgrave Road, Westcourt and also at the Smithfield Square Shopping Centre.

St George has a branch at 19 Aplin Street, Cairns.

RACQ also have a Cairns branch in the Cairns Shopping Centre.

Credit Union Australia is also at the Cairns Central Shopping Centre.

Cairns also what was previously known as the Cairns Penny Savings and loans bank and is now rebranded as the Cairns Bank.

They claim to stand for loyalty and fairness, and their management board is made up of local Cairns business people.

Cairns has 147 banking institutes all offering services to meet customers needs.  Some will even come to you to discuss your banking and home loans.