Public Toilets in Cairns  – When you really need to go

Cairns Public Toilets
Cairns Public Toilets

Public toilets are easy to find in Cairns. Here is our page on everything you ever wanted to know about where the restrooms are in Cairns.  Our list includes where to find a restroom to Cairns best loos!

If you are out and about and need the loo, don’t panic we have a great map to show you where to go.

There are over 100 restrooms in the Cairns region here are a few listings to help and please click on the red button to see our Public toilet map.

    • Cairns Central Shopping Centre
    •  Pier Shopping Centre
    • International Airport
    • Orchid Plaza
    • Cairns Lagoon
    • Smithfield Shopping Centre
    • Cairns Domestic Airport
    • Rustys Market
    • Fun Ship Northern End of Cairns Esplanade
    • Volley Ball Courts Cairns Esplanade
    • Fogerty Park, Cairns Esplanade
    • Muddys playground
    • DFO Cairns


You can find toilets in most of Cairns Restaurants, bars, cafes and attractions.

Have we missed any locations? Please drop us a line if you would like to add more restrooms to our list.   If you want to tell us about the best loos in Cairns, we will be happy to make sure that we include your information.   We think it’s important that we all know where the best options are.