Public Toilets in Cairns  РWhen you really need to go

Cairns Public Toilets
Cairns Public Toilets

Everything you ever wanted to know about toilets in Cairns – from where to find a public toilet to Cairns best loos!

If you are out and about and need the loo, don’t panic we have a great map to show you where to go.

There are over 100 public toilets in the Cairns region here are a few listings to help and please click on the red button to see our Cairns Public toilet map

    • Cairns Central Shopping Centre
    • Cairns Pier Shopping Centre
    • Cairns International Airport
    • Orchid Plaza
    • Cairns Lagoon
    • Smithfield Shopping Centre
    • Cairns Domestic Airport
    • Rustys Market
    • Fun Ship Northern End of Cairns Esplanade
    • Volley Ball Courts Cairns Esplanade
    • Fogerty Park, Cairns Esplanade
    • Muddys playground
    • DFO Cairns


You can find toilets in most of Cairns Restaurants, bars, cafes and attractions.

Have we missed any locations? please drop us a line if you would like to add more toilets to our list.