Cairns 4WD eco safaris, small group tours of 7 people

Beginning our day by ascending the Hinterland Mountain region and into the first World Heritage National Parks at 2400 feet above sea-level (800M).

Enjoy morning tea in the tranquillity of the rainforest on the edge of an extinct Volcanic Crater Lake.

We also have time for a relaxing nature walk to spot wildlife such as the Jurassic aged Eastern Water Dragons, Bearded Dragons and Saw Shell Snapper Turtles alongside the Internationally recognised pristine waters of Lake Barrine.

Then off-road as we enter the “Land of the Giants” rainforest trees. This is the only area where true ancient living giants live.

One with a height of 53 Meters (160 feet) and a circumference of 43 Meters (130 feet) this massive natural structure is spectacular. Rainforest species, local “bush -tucker” is revealed by your experienced Naturalist Guide. Watchful for reptiles and Musky Rat Kangaroos, frequenting this area, a delicious self catered Ploughman’s lunch soon follows. Enjoy lunch with complimentary soft drinks relaxing by the edge of a great lake frequented by few to no others.

Our “Eco Adventure” continues in the afternoon as we ascend higher mountain peaks on “restricted Access” narrow 4Wd trails into areas used for scientific research and wildlife studies. Rainforest in this area so immense it is hard to imagine explorers back in 1882 once rode their horses blazing the first trails.

This area also a regular habitat for the native and rare Cassowaries as we pass from jungle to open woodlands, descending down the north side of the mountain into the Australian Bush.

A great chance of spotting some of our unique marsupial such as the Pretty Face & Agile Wallabies, Wallaroos & Eastern Greys. Here we have also seen on occasion the rare “White Kangaroos”.

Almost in the middle of no-where is the local fruit vendor. Taste local fruit before heading into the mighty Clohesy River area with real 4WD river crossings (platypus habitat) and back into another rainforest National Park.

Here we see other impressive giant rainforest trees, unique birds nests and our most dangerous plant the “stinging trees”. A look is all we need for this one as touching it will have you thinking you’ve just been stung by a dozen bees.

The 4WD rainforest track continues over higher mountain peaks into further restricted access areas (under permanent lock and key) offering views from the top of the “Lambs Head Range” and onto the Whitfield Range.

Then we traverse slowly down a steep track towards the Lake Morris Ranger Station, offering amazing views over “The Lake” and the mountains we have just conquered.

Our final decent from here to the edge of cairns offering views over the city from above finally arriving in Cairns back in civilization at approximately 5.30 pm.

What to bring :

  • A great sense of Adventure
  • Camera
  • Walking shoes
  • Hat
  • Light jacket
  • Water bottle


Cairns: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm $169
Beaches: 7:30am – 5:30 pm (Trinity Beach to Palm Cove)


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