Rainforest and Nocturnal Wildlife Spotlighting Tours in Cairns

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with the Wait-a-While Rainforest Tour, where you’ll experience the magic of wildlife spotting day and night! Our small, personal tours (maximum of 11 people) take you deep into the World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics Rainforest National Parks from Cairns. For over 30 years, we’ve been hosting nocturnal wildlife spotlighting tours in the world’s oldest continuously surviving rainforest near Cairns.

Wildlife Spotting in the Atherton Tablelands

With an impressive success rate, our tours take you to the Atherton Tablelands to observe animals in their natural habitat. You’ll have the chance to see the elusive platypus (we have a 90%+ success rate), the rare tree kangaroo, and a variety of nocturnal animals. While Cairns is famous for the Great Barrier Reef, fewer visitors discover the hidden gem of the Cairns Tablelands, also known as the Atherton Tablelands. This region is easily accessible from Cairns, offering a shorter drive time than Daintree rainforest tours and more significant opportunities for rainforest wildlife spotlighting.

The Magic of Nocturnal Wildlife

As the rainforest comes alive at night (80% of Australian animals are nocturnal or more active), our spotlights enable us to capture the animals up in the canopy. Our tour is best suited for active individuals who enjoy walking, as part of the experience involves following trails through the forest. You can expect to cover around 3–4 km on foot over at least four sites. Although the terrain can be uneven and muddy with medium inclines, the tracks we use at night are on flat, safe ground.

An Educational Experience

Experiencing the tropical rainforest at night is something you will remember forever, especially with an informative guide to help you understand this magnificent wildlife environment. On our tour, you’ll also learn about the tropical rainforest and how local Aboriginal people use the vegetation to make tools, heal, and create remedies for everyday ailments.

Tour Description

After being picked up from your hotel (please note there is an extra $150 per booking pick-up fee for hotels in Port Douglas), we search for Australian native animals around Cairns on our rainforest wildlife spotlighting tour. We make a series of short drives to visit several locations, giving you a taste of the variety of sights in this area. Your guide will introduce you to some of the world’s most unusual animals, including the elusive platypus, tree kangaroos, possums, gliders, flying foxes, bandicoots, echidnas, snakes, frogs, and many others.

Tour Details

  • Departure Times: Cairns around 13:30, Port Douglas 12:15 (additional $150), Northern Beaches 13:00
  • Return Time: Approximately 21:30 with hotel drop-off
  • Vehicle: Comfortable, fully air-conditioned van
  • Group Size: Maximum 11 people
  • Meals Included: Afternoon tea and dinner
  • Walking: Easy walking suitable for children


Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Cairns Tablelands. Experience the thrill of nocturnal wildlife spotlighting and learn about the rich biodiversity of the tropical rainforest. Book your spot on the Wait-a-While Rainforest Tour today and discover the hidden wonders of North Queensland!

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