Experience the Ultimate Thrill at Bungy Jump Cairns

Bungy Jump Cairns: Defy Gravity Down Under

Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other at Bungy Jump Cairns, the sole Bungy Jump site in all of Australia! Our unique Jump Menu boasts 16 different jump styles, ensuring a bungy experience for everyone.

Jump into the Abyss

Whether you’re a first-time jumper or a seasoned thrill-seeker, our bungy options will push you out of your comfort zone and into the adrenaline-pumping world of bungy jumping. There’s no better way to remind yourself that you’re truly alive!

A Natural Oasis in the Rainforest

We’ve nestled ourselves just 15 minutes north of Cairns in the heart of lush tropical rainforest. This natural paradise envelops our location, crafting a serene oasis for your enjoyment.

Towering mountains, verdant trees, and a natural waterfall flowing into a tranquil pond offer the perfect setting to unwind after your bungy adventures.

Conquer the Heights

Ascend the 196 stairs to reach the highest viewing platform in Cairns, where one of the most exhilarating moments awaits you. From the pinnacle of our 50-metre tower, you’ll gaze out over the Northern Beaches and the magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Take in the breathtaking views before you leap; remember, it all looks different on the rebound!

Capture the Moment

AJ Hackett Bungy takes great pride in preserving your Bungy Jump memories.  Their team captures stunning photos and videos from various angles, ensuring you have the best possible mementoes of your Bungy experience. Chat with our friendly reception team to explore fantastic deals and packages for these keepsakes.

More Thrills Await

While at the Bungy site, why not amp up the excitement with our giant Minjin Swing? It’s just one of the many thrilling adventures you can enjoy in Cairns. Explore more exhilarating activities and experiences during your visit to this vibrant destination!

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