Birdworld Kuranda

Birdworld Kuranda is the home to one of Australia’s largest collections of free-flying birds! Located in Kuranda, when you visit Birdworld at Kuranda,  visitors can interact with hundreds of colourful feathered birds.

Nearly sixty local species wander this unique rainforest environment. This habitat we have created at Birdworld Kuranda resembles the bird’s natural habitats closely. You should bring a camera because there may be opportunities for hand-feeding and photographing!

There are remnants of the world’s disappearing rainforests all around you. Including some of the rarest and most stunningly gorgeous birds Australia has to offer. All of which are flying around you. There are also other types of birds, such as galahs, cockatoos, cheeky rainbow lorikeets, and stunning Amazonian macaws. There is even an endangered cassowary that calls this place home.

Birdworld Kuranda is a site that allows visitors to see the world of birds in a natural environment. This attraction has waterfalls, ponds, and tropical and native plants. Be awestruck by the more than 350 birds of all forms, sizes, and colours, including the Finch Aviary. Just imagine yourself flying with them as you immerse yourself in their environment.

Our feathered friends are waiting to greet you as soon as you enter our gates and reach the atrium. Remember to stock up on food at the Birdworld Front Desk. You will have the right food for the birds if you hand-feed them.

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Entry to Birdworld Kuranda

Open 10am – 4pm daily, at the Kuranda Heritage Markets.

Entry to Birdworld Kuranda

Kuranda is very accessible and only a short leisurely drive from Cairns via the Kuranda Range.

Trans North bus departs from Cairns Central daily. You can view their timetable here.


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