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The Tusa Reef Tour Experience is not your typical excursion to the Cairns reef. It represents a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. What sets this experience apart is our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, enriched by our deep-rooted local knowledge and the utilization of innovative technology. We believe in visiting the reef and preserving and enhancing its beauty for generations.

When you step aboard our vessel, you’ll realise that every aspect of your day has been thoughtfully considered and expertly managed. Our premium all-inclusive full-day trip is designed to provide you with a service like no other. Our dedicated and well-informed staff is here to ensure that you receive nothing less than a 5-star treatment, making your journey truly memorable.

Unparalleled Reef Adventures

Our barrier reef trips from Cairns offer a different perspective of the reef, with unique coral formations and a diverse array of marine life. Experience the adventure of snorkelling, diving, and sailing on the Great Barrier Reef with Tusa. The ship captain will carefully select the unique outer reef locations for the day, where you can dive and snorkel with turtles and colourful fish and see a fantastic variety of corals. Dive into the turquoise waters and let the wonders of the reef captivate you.

Scuba Diving Cairns

Experience the ultimate Great Barrier Reef dive adventure with Tusa Reef Tours and discover the breathtaking beauty of the outer reef on this exclusive, all-inclusive scuba diving day tour from Cairns.

Your day begins with a delicious breakfast before starting the high-speed journey from the Cairns Marlin Marina to the edge of the continental shelf on board our modern catamaran. Enjoy the spacious and air-conditioned lounge or explore one of our sun decks as we make our way to the Outer Great Barrier Reef, the first of two stunning locations for the day.

Cairns Scuba Dive – The Ultimate Great Barrier Reef Experience

Limited to just 40 guests to maximise your comfort, our purpose-built dive vessel is fitted to the highest standards and equipped with the latest modern and sustainable dive gear. Your crew of nine includes eight knowledgeable marine guides and dive instructors who are readily available to meet your needs throughout the day and to help you plan your dives and activities at each of the two sites you’ll visit.

The vibrant coral gardens, reef walls, and abundance of marine life at our dive sites will astound you. There are plenty of options to excite even the most experienced divers and straightforward routes for those new to the sport. Our open dive deck policy allows you to plan the dives of your choice, with up to three dives available over the day. Dive with a friend or a PADI instructor who is highly qualified and regarded as one of the best in Australia for their knowledge of the region and enthusiasm for the reef.

Are you not a certified diver?

We also offer Introductory Scuba Diving for those looking to experience the thrill of breathing underwater without a certification. For non-divers, we recommend you start with our Can I Dive? Use this page to see your medical and general safety requirements.

A Taste of Local Flavours

Enjoy sumptuous local cuisine throughout the day as part of your all-inclusive package. Prepared by our in-house chefs using fresh local ingredients, each meal is served with a selection of refreshing beverages, including complimentary juices, tea, coffee, local wines from Hidden Seas, and local beer from Barrier Reef Brewing. (Please note that alcohol consumption will prevent further in-water activities.)

Sights and Sounds

Tusa Reef Tours Marine Biologist Presentation on Tablet:

To complement your experience, enjoy a guided snorkel tour with exclusive bone-conducting headphones for a unique underwater English commentary as you explore the crystal clear waters. Gaze below the surface as we take you on a journey of discovery across the reef.

Guests also have access to our exclusive and interactive marine guide tablets – use these to learn more about the reef and contribute to the vital research we conduct as part of every cruise.

Please note: Tusa Reef Tours trips are restricted exclusively to people aged 12 and over, ensuring an optimal experience for all our guests.

Our Cairns Dive Sites

Tusa Reef Tours takes you to Cairns’ most captivating dive sites and snorkel locations. With both Tusa exclusive and beautiful shared moorings, we’ve covered it all for Cairns Dive Sites! Our team will carefully select two locations each day to ensure you see the most vibrant marine life, mesmerising coral formations, and diverse underwater environments based on the day’s weather conditions. Get ready to be amazed by the best snorkelling and diving experiences the Great Barrier Reef offers.

Pretty Patches:

Serene has diverse soft and hard corals, including staghorn, sea fans, and brain corals.

Michaelmas Reef:

Stunning coral gardens and a sheltered sandy lagoon are perfect for snorkelling and diving.

Banana Bommie:

Turtles, large schools of fish, reef sharks, and even manta rays are common sightings.

Hastings Reef:

Shallow reefs with vibrant corals, schools of fish, clams, and occasional turtles or Manta Rays.

The Fish Bowl:

The circular wall of coral has many fish life and occasional visits from dolphins and manta rays.

Thetford Reef:

Vibrant coral and marine life with swim-throughs for thrill-seekers.

Dog’s Bommie:

A large bommie was circumnavigated during a dive with schools of bright fusiliers and tiny blue-green damsels.


Coral outcrops in a horseshoe shape with swim-throughs and gorgonian fans.


Walls, swim-throughs, and deep crevices are packed with fan corals.

Norman Reef:

Clearwater, beautiful corals, and coral canyons with a vast range of fish.


Anemone fish, blue-spotted stingrays, cuttlefish, and cardinalfish in a stunning dive site.

Plate Top:

Coral mountain range with various reef fish and schools of fish.


Tiny valleys and stunning coral bommies lie directly beneath the ship.

Shark Mountain:

Large mountain range with grey reef sharks and a fantastic variety of corals.


Shallow mooring bay with pipefish and nudibranchs.

Turtle Bay:

Green sea turtles’ favourite feeding grounds are anemone shrimp and hairy spider crabs.

Saxon Reef:

Less crowded diving spot with vibrant marine species.

Twin Peaks:

A dive site with two bommies and a narrow swim-through.

Ready to Go Diving?

Experience the ultimate Great Barrier Reef dive adventure with our premium all-inclusive scuba diving day tour from Cairns. Dive into the world beneath the waves with Tusa Reef Tours and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Book your adventure today and explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef with Tusa Reef Tours Cairns! 🌊🐠✨  Click the Book Now button for live availability.

Tusa Reef Tours FAQ’s

Do I need to be an experienced diver to join the tours?

Not at all! Tusa Reef Tours caters to both experienced divers and beginners. They offer introductory scuba diving for those new to the sport and advanced options for seasoned divers. Expert instructors provide comprehensive training to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all skill levels.

What can I expect to see during the snorkel and dive tours?

The Great Barrier Reef is teeming with life. Expect to see a vibrant array of marine species, including turtles, colourful fish, and a spectacular variety of corals. Each tour is a unique opportunity to witness the reef’s dynamic underwater world.

Are meals provided on the tours?

Yes, they offer sumptuous local cuisine prepared by their in-house chefs. Meals are served with refreshing beverages, including juices, tea, coffee, and regional wines and beers. They focus on using fresh, local ingredients to enhance your experience.

Is there an age limit for the tours?

Tusa Reef Tours trips are exclusively available to guests aged 12 and over. This policy ensures all guests have an optimal, safe and enjoyable experience.

How do I know if I'm fit to dive?

Tusa recommends visiting our ‘Can I Dive?’ page, which outlines the medical and general safety requirements for diving. Assessing your fitness and comfort level before participating in any dive activities is essential.

Can non-divers enjoy the tour?

Absolutely! Non-divers can partake in snorkeling and enjoy the incredible views of the reef. Our guided snorkel tours and interactive marine guide tablets provide an insightful and engaging way to explore the reef’s wonders.

What should I bring on the tour?

We suggest bringing swimwear, a towel, sun protection (reef-safe sunscreen, hat, sunglasses), and a camera to capture the stunning scenery. Comfortable clothing and footwear are also recommended for time spent on the vessel.

What are the vessel's facilities like?

Tusa’s modern catamaran has spacious, air-conditioned lounges, sun decks, and state-of-the-art diving gear. The vessel is designed for comfort, safety, and an optimal viewing experience of the Great Barrier Reef.

How long are the tours, and where do they depart from?

Tusa’s full-day tours typically start early in the morning and last until the afternoon. This tour departs from Cairns Marlin Marina, with a journey to the reef of about 90 minutes. The exact duration and itinerary may vary based on weather and sea conditions.

Remember, Tusa Reef Tours is more than just a trip; it’s an immersive experience of one of the world’s most exquisite natural wonders. We’re here to make your Great Barrier Reef adventure genuinely unforgettable!

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