Cairns Art Gallery

Cairns has a thriving art scene and a range of world-class galleries and exhibitions. They are showcasing the best of local and international talent.  Whether you’re an art enthusiast or looking for a unique experience, you’ll enjoy a visit to a Cairns Art Gallery.

Cairns Regional Art Gallery

The Cairns Regional Gallery is for anyone interested in contemporary art.  Located in the heart of Cairns, the gallery hosts various exhibitions that feature local and international artists throughout the year.  The gallery showcases diverse works, from painting and sculpture to photography and installation art.

Djumbunji Press Studio and Gallery

The Djumbunji Press Studio and Gallery are for those interested in Indigenous art.  Located in the nearby town of Mossman, the gallery displays the unique art and culture of the local Indigenous people.  Visitors can view various artworks, including paintings, prints, and sculptures. At the same time, they learn about these works’ cultural significance through guided tours and educational programs.

Tanks Art Centre

Another fantastic gallery is the Tanks Arts Centre.  Housed in a former WWII fuel storage facility, the centre is now a vibrant hub of artistic activity, with various exhibitions, performances, and workshops that showcase the best local and international talent.  With a focus on contemporary art and events.  The Tanks Arts Centre is a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique and artistic experience.

Red Chair Art Gallery

For those seeking a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, the Red Chair Gallery is a great option.  Located at the Pier Shopping Centre, this gallery offers a range of artworks by local artists.  Inside the Red Chair Gallery, there are also unique gifts and souvenirs.  Visitors can browse the collection at leisure and enjoy this charming gallery’s friendly atmosphere.

In conclusion,

Cairns’ art galleries offer a range of options for art enthusiasts and cultural explorers.  There are world-class exhibitions, unique Indigenous art, and various contemporary and traditional works.    So why not take the opportunity to explore this vibrant arts scene on your next visit to Cairns?

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