Cairns Nature Playground: Where Fun and Nature Collide for Kids

Cairns Nature playground

The Nature Playground at Freshwater Lake is near the Zhanjiang Friendship Garden on Greenslopes Street.   This play ground offers children and families a unique and enriching experience.

This playground is not ordinary; it’s an exciting blend of imaginative play elements seamlessly integrated into the natural lake side setting.  The Nature Playground is designed to inspire children to engage with the environment.  Encouraging them to explore, discover, and learn about the wonders of nature.

Features: Here’s what makes the Nature Playground truly special:

Cairns Nature Park

  1. Dinosaur Bones: Young adventurers can unleash their inner palaeontologist as they uncover dinosaur bones buried in the playground.
  2. Rope Climbing: Test your agility and conquer the ropes, fostering physical development and confidence.
  3. Play Huts: Let creativity flourish as children build their huts, fostering team work and imaginative play.
  4. Fairy Garden: Enter a world of magic and wonder within the enchanting fairy garden, sparking young minds’ imaginations.
  5. Tunnels: Embark on exciting journeys through tunnels, adding an element of mystery and fun.
  6. Balance Logs: Develop balance and coordination by traversing the balance logs, promoting physical activity and skill building.
  7. Digging Patch: Encourage sensory play with a designated digging patch where little ones can explore the tactile wonders of the earth.
  8. Sensory Plants: Discover various plants known for their vibrant colours, captivating scents, and interesting textures, providing a multisensory experience.

    Educational and Fun: The Nature Playground is not just a place for play; it’s a learning environment where children can connect with nature and develop a deeper appreciation for the world around them.  It’s an ideal spot for families to spend quality time outdoors, fostering a love for the great outdoors and encouraging imaginative play.


You’ll find this nature playground at Freshwater Lake near the Zhanjiang Friendship Garden on Greenslopes Street.  It’s a beautiful destination for a day of exploration and adventure.

Visit the Nature Playground at Freshwater Lake, a playground beyond the ordinary, where creativity and nature intertwine.  It’s where young minds can thrive and create lasting memories in a beautiful natural setting.

Award Winning

Cairns Landscape Architecture Land Plan designed the Centenary Lakes Nature Playground. It is a notable attraction that showcases the commitment to creating exceptional recreational spaces in Cairns, Australia.

This playground garnered well-deserved recognition in 2018. It won the AILA Qld Award for Excellence in Play Spaces and the Regional Awards for Excellence in Parks and Leisure.  These accolades highlight the playground’s outstanding design and its contribution to enhancing the quality of outdoor experiences for both locals and tourists.

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