Discover the Tranquil Oasis of Babinda Boulders

Visiting Babinda Boulders from Cairns is a fantastic day trip that allows you to explore the natural beauty of Far North Queensland. Here’s a guide on how to make the most of your journey:

Babinda Boulders Tours

Getting to Babinda Boulders

Located approximately 60 kilometres (37 miles) south of Cairns, it is easily accessible for a day trip. You can reach the boulders by car, and the drive typically takes 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic.

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What to expect

Babinda Boulders is a picturesque natural attraction in the lush rainforest of Wooroonooran National Park. The main highlight is the series of giant granite boulders that line Babinda Creek. These boulders create beautiful, crystal-clear swimming holes, perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day.

Babinda Boulders


  1. Swimming: Some of the best freshwater swimming spots in the region. Dip in the creek’s refreshing waters and relax in the natural pools surrounded by rainforest.
  2. Picnicking: Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal in a designated picnic area. Barbeque facilities are available, and you can have a barbeque lunch amidst the stunning rainforest backdrop.
  3. Nature Walks: Explore the walking trails that wind through the rainforest surrounding the boulders. Look for native wildlife, including colourful birds and butterflies.
  4. Photography: Babinda Boulders provides incredible photo opportunities. Capture the beauty of the clear creek, moss-covered rocks, and vibrant greenery for lasting memories.

Safety Tips

  • While the waters at Babinda Boulders are inviting, please be cautious and follow any safety guidelines and signs. The currents can be vital during the wet season. Since 1959, 21 individuals have tragically lost their lives due to the swift-moving waters of the Devil’s Pool. The majority of these victims were young people who, regrettably, ventured too close to the deceptive rocks and currents. Giant granite boulders filling the creek bed surround the Devil’s Pool, a natural pool in a problematic section of Babinda Creek. It stands as a prominent attraction within the Babinda Boulders scenic reserve.
  • Wear appropriate footwear for walking on uneven terrain.
  • Stay on designated paths and respect the natural environment.

What to bring

  • Swimwear and towels
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Walking shoes or sandals suitable for exploring
  • Water and snacks
  • Picnic supplies if you plan to have a meal

Opening Hours

Babinda Boulders is open year-round, so you can visit any season. However, be aware that the water levels can vary depending on the time of year, with the wet season (November to April) typically offering the most water flow.

Nearby Attractions

While in the area, consider exploring other nearby attractions to make the most of your day trip from Cairns.

  1. Josephine Falls: Just a short drive from Babinda Boulders, Josephine Falls is another natural wonder worth visiting. It features cascading waterfalls and a natural rock slide, perfect for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts.
  2. Wooroonooran National Park: Babinda Boulders is located within Wooroonooran National Park, which boasts an array of stunning rainforest walks and waterfalls. You can extend your adventure by exploring more of this diverse park.
  3. Paronella Park: If you have extra time, consider visiting Paronella Park, a historical site with lush gardens, Spanish-style architecture, and beautiful water features. It’s a unique and romantic place to explore.

Local Tips

  • Check the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you have appropriate clothing and are prepared for rain.
  • Babinda Boulders is a popular spot, so arriving early in the day can help you avoid crowds.
  • Respect the natural environment by taking any rubbish with you and leaving no trace of your visit.

Babinda Boulders


Visiting Babinda Boulders from Cairns is a delightful journey into the heart of Queensland’s rainforest paradise. It offers a refreshing escape from the city while immersing yourself in the region’s beauty. Whether you’re cooling off in the clear waters, embarking on rainforest walks, or exploring nearby attractions, this day trip promises a memorable adventure. So, gather your friends or family, pack your essentials, and prepare to make lasting memories at Babinda Boulders—a natural wonder waiting to be explored!

A day trip to Babinda Boulders from Cairns promises a refreshing and immersive experience in Far North Queensland’s stunning natural beauty. Whether you want to swim, hike, or relax in a peaceful rainforest, this destination offers a perfect escape from the city. Don’t forget your camera and sense of adventure—Babinda Boulders is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!

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