Cairns Taipans – Cairns, only national sporting team!

Cairns Taipans basketball is one of the biggest and most exciting sports teams in Far North Queensland. The team has a loyal following of fans who pack out the Cairns Convention Centre to cheer them on at every game. This article will examine the Cairns Taipans and what makes them so special.

About Cairns Taipans

The Cairns Taipans were founded in 1999 and have been a fixture of the National Basketball League (NBL) ever since. The team is named after the deadly Taipan snake, which is found in the tropical region around Cairns. The team’s colours are orange and black, representing the Taipan’s colours.

The Taipans have had some great success on the court over the years. In the 2011-12 season, they finished in second place on the ladder and reached the Grand Final, where they were unfortunately defeated. The team has also produced some talented players who have gone on to play in the NBA, including Nathan Jawai and Cameron Gliddon.

Lets get LOUD

One of the things that sets the Cairns Taipans apart from other sports teams is their incredible home court advantage. The Cairns Convention Centre has a capacity of just over 5,000 fans, but it feels like there are twice as many people in the arena on game day. The fans are loud, passionate, and ready to support their team.

The Taipans also have a strong community focus and are actively involved in various initiatives that support the local community. The team regularly visits schools and hospitals to engage with fans and spread the word about basketball. They also host an annual Indigenous Round, which celebrates Indigenous culture and raises awareness about the issues facing Indigenous Australians.

Don’t miss out on Game night

We highly recommend watching a Cairns Taipans game if you’re a basketball fan or just looking for a fun and exciting night out. The atmosphere is electric, the players are talented, and the experience is truly unforgettable.

In conclusion, the Cairns Taipans are a special team that hold a special place in the hearts of Far North Queenslanders. They are integral to the Cairns community and offer a unique and exciting sporting experience. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Cairns Taipans and their loyal fans.

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