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Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat

General Admission (includes 5 Days of Entry)


Cuddle a Koala

YOUR Wildlife Habitat Private Tour (Minimum 2 participants)

General Admission and a Private 2-hour personalised tour. Entry to Koala enclosure, private tour of the Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre, Reptile presentation, 1.5 hours with Wildlife Keeper, and an animal dining experience. ON REQUEST


 Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas – Australia’s Premier Wildlife Experience

Welcome to Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, where you can immerse yourself in a wonderful Australian wild life experience! Located in the heart of Tropical North Queensland, this award-winning, eco-certified nature park offers visitors the chance to connect with native Australian animals in their natural habitats.

At Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, you can explore five environments, each designed to replicate the unique ecosystems found in Australia:

Wetlands Habitat

Witness an array of wading birds foraging in the waterways as they search for fish and crustaceans. Look out for the black-necked stork and other fascinating creatures.

Rainforest Habitat

Discover the beautiful rainforest from ground level to the uppermost canopy. This exhibit is home to colourful residents, including the endangered Southern Cassowary, Eclectus Parrot, and Rainbow Lorikeet.

Savannah Habitat

Interact with and hand feed various macropods, from the Eastern Grey Kangaroo to the Parma Wallaby. Watch for Emus, Pelicans, and the rare Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo.

Woodland Habitat

Immerse yourself in the richly coloured birds of northern Australia’s open woodlands. Marvel at the diversity of locally endangered and endemic finches and other small species that inhabit the area.

Crocodile Arena

Experience the CrocArena grandstand, where you can safely observe Saltwater Crocs from an elevated and covered viewing area. There’s even an under water viewing space for a unique perspective.

Aside from these immersive habitats, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas offers exciting activities such as hand-feeding kangaroos, bird experiences, and even the chance to take your photo with a koala.

Wildlife Habitat is committed to conservation and sustainability, with an Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation and a wild life rescue program called the Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre. By visiting this sanctuary, you’re supporting efforts to protect Australia’s unique wild life.

So, whether you’re a bird enthusiast, a mammal lover, or fascinated by reptiles, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas has something for everyone. It’s not just an adventure; it’s an opportunity to make lasting memories while contributing to the preservation of Australia’s incredible natural heritage. Plan your visit today and prepare for a wonderful North Queensland wild life encounter!

FAQ’S Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas

Q. What is Wildlife Habitat, Port Douglas?

A. Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas is a famous wildlife attraction in Australia, offering visitors a chance to interact with and learn about native Australian animals.

Q. Where is Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas located?

A. It is conveniently located in Port Douglas, Queensland, allowing easy access to travellers exploring the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

Q. What can I expect to see at Wildlife Habitat?

A. You can see various Australian animals in their natural habitats, including kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, and tropical birds.

Q. Do I need to book tickets in advance?

A. While walk ins are welcome, we recommend booking tickets in advance to secure your spot and potentially enjoy discounts.

Q. Are there guided tours available?

A. Yes, you can opt for guided tours led by knowledgeable wildlife experts who provide in depth insights into the animals and their habitats.

Q. Can I feed and interact with the animals?

A. Yes, there are opportunities for feeding and interacting with some of the animals under the supervision of experienced handlers.

Q. Is Wildlife Habitat involved in conservation efforts?

A. Wildlife Habitat is committed to conservation and is involved in various initiatives to protect and preserve Australian wild life.

Q. Can I host events or functions at Wildlife Habitat?

A. Yes, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas offers event spaces and unique areas for special occasions, including weddings, conferences, and corporate events.

Q. Are there dining options available on-site?

A. You can enjoy delicious Australian cuisine at our on-site restaurants, making your visit even more memorable.


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