Welcome to Sunlover Reef Cruises, Your Gateway to Great Barrier Reef Adventures

Welcome to Sunlover Reef Cruises, an unforgettable adventure to the Great Barrier Reef.  This tour visits the beautiful  Moore Reef day trip. Our all-inclusive package offers a day filled with wonder and excitement for visitors of all ages and skill levels. Moore Reef, a place where the wonders of the outer reef come to life, has an extraordinary natural beauty that will enchant you.

Sunlover Reef Cruises offers visits to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, allowing guests to explore this iconic natural wonder in all its glory. Sunlover Reef Cruises provides the perfect opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of the world’s largest coral reef system with various tour options available, including snorkelling, diving, and glass-bottom boat tours. Whether you’re seeking thrilling underwater adventures or want to relax and soak up the stunning scenery, Sunlover Reef Cruises has something for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable journey to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sunlover Reef Cruises

Discover Moore Reef’s Treasures

🌊 Crystal-Clear Waters: Dive into pristine waters that offer unrivalled visibility, allowing you to witness the underwater world in all its splendour.

🐠 Vibrant Coral Gardens: Explore the stunning coral gardens, where a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes creates a mesmerising underwater paradise.

🐢 Friendly Marine Life: Encounter the reef’s friendly residents, including turtles and Maori wrasse, known for their charming personalities.

Choose Your Adventure

Sunlover Reef Cruises

At Sunlover’s, we believe in providing options to suit every guest’s preferences:

🤿 Snorkeling: Immerse yourself in the natural lagoon and get up close to the reef’s inhabitants. Snorkeling equipment is provided for your convenience.

🚤 Semi-Submersible and Glass Bottom Boat Tours: Stay dry while enjoying breathtaking views of the reef’s wonders. Our tours offer a unique perspective on the marine life below.

🔍 Underwater Observatory: Step into our underwater observatory for an awe-inspiring view of the reef’s marine life. It’s like being in the front row of the world’s most incredible fish tank!

🐟 Fish Feeding Presentation: Engage with the marine world during our captivating fish feeding presentation. It’s an educational and delightful experience for all.

🏊 Ocean Pool and Waterslide: Younger guests and the young at heart can blast in our enclosed ocean pool or experience the thrill of our 30-meter spiral waterslide into the tropical ocean.

📸 Capture Memories: Calypso Reef Imagery is on board all day to capture your favourite reef memories, both on and underwater. Photos are sent straight to your phone for easy access and purchase.

Sunlover Reef Cruises

Add More Adventure with Sunlover Reef Cruises

For those seeking even more excitement, enhance your experience with:

Guided Snorkel tour: Explore the reef with an experienced guide who will lead you to the most captivating spots.

Seawalker Helmet Dive: Walk on the ocean floor and get close to marine life with this unique helmet diving experience.

Introductory and Certified SCUBA Dives: Dive into the depths and discover the reef’s beauty with our SCUBA options.

🚁 Helicopter Flight: Take to the skies and enjoy a scenic helicopter flight for a bird’s-eye view of the stunning reef.

Book Your All-Inclusive Adventure

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Moore Reef? Book your all-inclusive day tour today and prepare to be amazed by the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef with Sunlover Reef Cruises.

Join us, and let’s make your day at the reef extraordinary and filled with memories to cherish.

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  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef straight from the Moore Reef Pontoon.
  • Take the 30-metre spiral water slide into the ocean.
  • Glass bottom boat tour coupled with a semi-submersible tour for out of the water viewing.
  • Get up close with the marine life touch tank.
  • Learn about the reef with the marine naturalist and fish feeding presentations.
  • Safe kids swimming in the ocean pool enclosure.
  • View the world from below while staying dry in the underwater observatory.



Here’s a snapshot of your day on Moore Reef:

8:30 a.m.: Check-in opens at the Sunlover Reef Cruises desk inside the Reef Terminal at Cairns Marina.

9:30 AM: Check-in closes. Please ensure you complete the check-in process by this time.

10:00 AM: Depart from Cairns Marina.

4 Hours of Pontoon Fun: Enjoy a day with incredible reef adventures.

5:30 PM: Return to Cairns Marina.

*Please note that check-in and collection of boarding passes must be completed between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. Passengers who miss the final boarding at 9:30 AM will not be eligible for a refund.

Sunlover Reef Cruises Great Barrier Reef tour includes

Prepare for an extraordinary day at Moore Reef with Sunlover’s all-inclusive Great Barrier Reef experience. Here’s what you can look forward to as part of your adventure:

Snorkeling and Equipment

Dive into the crystal-clear waters and explore vibrant coral gardens. Snorkeling equipment includes fins, a mask, a buoyancy vest, and a lycra suit.

Semi-Submersible Tour

Stay dry and enjoy a top-down view of the coral and marine life on our semi-submersible tour. Our marine experts provide fascinating insights during the journey.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Discover the reef’s wonders from the comfort of a glass-bottom boat. Get close to hard and soft corals, giant clams, anemones, fish, and perhaps even spot a sea turtle!

Underwater Observatory

Immerse yourself in the underwater world at our observatory. Descend the stairs to observe the vibrant marine life at your leisure. Don’t miss the fish-feeding presentation!

Fish Feeding Presentations

Get up close and personal with marine species during a presentation by our marine naturalist. Touch, feel, and learn about these incredible creatures.


Enjoy an exhilarating 30-meter waterslide plunge from our sun deck into the tropical ocean. Lifeguards ensure safety for all ages.

Enclosed Ocean Pool

Our ocean pool offers a perfect relaxing spot for swimming in a safe environment.

Gourmet Tropical-Inspired Lunch

Enjoy a delectable lunch with tropical flavours to give you the energy you need for your reef adventures.

Extra Adventure Options

Enhance your experience with these exciting add-ons:

Guided Snorkel Tour

On a guided snorkel tour with a marine expert, explore the reef’s hidden gems. Suitable for all abilities, including those needing assistance.

Seawalker Helmet Dive

Walk on the ocean floor and get close to marine life with this unique helmet diving experience.


Dive into the depths and discover the reef’s beauty with introductory and certified SCUBA dive options.

Scenic Helicopter Flight

Soar above the reef and take breathtaking aerial views with a scenic helicopter flight.

  • Guided snorkel tour
  • Seawalker helmet dive
  • Introductory scuba dive
  • Certified scuba dive
  • Helicopter flight
  • swimming costume and beach towel
  • sunscreen (SPF 30+) reef friendly is recommended
  • sun protective clothing such as t-shirt or rash vest, hat and sunglasses
  • cash or credit card for purchases, snacks and optional activities while onboard
  • camera (you can also hire an underwater digital camera onboard)

Check-in at Reef Fleet Terminal, 1 Spence Street, Cairns


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