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Embark on Unforgettable Adventures: Great Barrier Reef Tours from Cairns Marlin Marina, Cairns

Set sail on a journey of discovery from the iconic Cairns Marina, your gateway to the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Offering many thrilling adventures, Great Barrier Reef tours departing from Marlin Marina promise unforgettable experiences for all who embark. From snorkelling excursions teeming with vibrant marine life to diving expeditions exploring breathtaking coral formations, there’s an adventure suited to every traveller’s desires.

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Departing from the bustling Marlin Wharf, these tours whisk you to the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef, where an underwater paradise awaits. Delve into the mesmerising world beneath the waves, where colourful coral gardens and abundant marine creatures captivate the senses.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver seeking adrenaline-fueled encounters or a novice snorkeler eager to explore the reef’s beauty, there’s an adventure for you. With expert guides leading the way, you’ll uncover hidden treasures and marvel at the sheer diversity of life that calls the Great Barrier Reef home.

As you return to Cairns Marina, filled with unforgettable memories and awe-inspiring encounters, take a moment to reflect on the natural wonders you’ve experienced. With Great Barrier Reef tours departing from Marlin Marina, Cairns, adventure and discovery await at every turn. Embark on your journey today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Exploring Cairns Marina: A Hub of Activity and Adventure

Nestled in the heart of Cairns, Queensland, the Cairns Marina is a bustling gateway to leisure and adventure. Situated along the picturesque Trinity Inlet, this expansive marina is a vital hub for recreational and commercial boating activities. Boating facilities such as berthing for up to 140 vessels, a boat ramp, and fuel stations cater to the needs of boat owners with unparalleled convenience.

 Prawn Star, Cairns Marina

But beyond its practical amenities, the Cairns Marina beckons visitors with its vibrant atmosphere and array of attractions. Many eateries, cafes, and bars dot the marina’s perimeter, inviting guests to savour delectable meals while soaking in the breathtaking waterfront views. Meanwhile, several parks and public spaces offer serene spots for relaxation and strolls.

For adventurous souls, the Cairns Marina is a launchpad for unforgettable boat tours to iconic destinations like the Great Barrier Reef and Green Island. With numerous tour operators stationed within the marina, embarking on an aquatic adventure is just a stone’s throw away.

At its core, the Cairns Marina embodies the essence of Cairns’ tourism and recreation industries. Whether you’re watching boats glide in and out, savouring a meal by the water’s edge, or gearing up for an exhilarating boat excursion, the marina promises a memorable experience for all who visit.



Marlin Marina, 1 Spence Street, Cairns 4870

Explore the Cairns Marlin Marina: Your Gateway to Adventure

Nestled along the picturesque Trinity Inlet, the Cairns Marlin Marina is a bustling hub for maritime activities in North Queensland. At its northernmost tip lies the Sailfish Quay, a bustling marina with 261 berths, offering ample space for vessels of all sizes, including superyachts stretching up to 140 meters in length. Meanwhile, at the southern end awaits the Marlin Wharf, beckoning travellers to embark on their next aquatic journey.

 Departure points

Step inside the marina walls and discover the intricate network of berths, known affectionately as Fingers G, F, E, D, C, B, and A. Each finger extended into the tranquil waters of the inlet, ready to welcome boats and yachts of all kinds. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice explorer, the Cairns Marlin Marina provides a safe harbour to begin aquatic adventures.

From here, adventurers set sail to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, Green Island, and beyond. Whether you’re seeking thrilling diving expeditions, leisurely snorkelling trips, or a serene cruise along the coast, the marina is your gateway to unparalleled marine experiences.

But the Cairns Marlin Marina is more than just a launching point for maritime escapades; it’s also a vibrant social hub teeming with dining, entertainment, and leisure options. Surrounding the marina, visitors will find an array of eateries, cafes, and bars, perfect for savouring a delicious meal or enjoying a refreshing drink while basking in the tropical ambience.

So, whether you’re a seasoned sailor docking for a day or a curious traveller embarking on a maritime adventure, the Cairns Marlin Marina welcomes you with open arms. Explore its berths, soak in the atmosphere, and let the spirit of adventure guide you on your journey through the stunning waters of North Queensland.


Salthouse Cairns


Discover the Vibrant Cairns Marlin Marina: Your Gateway to Adventure

Nestled within the bustling heart of Cairns lies the iconic Cairns Marlin Marina, a dynamic hub pulsating with energy and excitement. With a backdrop of prestigious five-star hotels and top-notch restaurants, the elegant Marlin Jetty stands out as a symbol of luxury here. From dawn till dusk, the marina buzzes with activity as eager visitors eagerly board vessels bound for the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with many options, from breathtaking Great Barrier Reef tours to idyllic tropical island getaways. Our dedicated team is committed to curating the perfect excursion tailored to your preferences, ensuring an experience that exceeds your expectations. With a diverse selection of half-day, full-day, and extended stay options, there’s something for every traveller seeking adventure on the pristine waters of the Coral Sea.

Set sail from the Cairns Marlin Marina, the epicentre of marine exploration, where the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef await just beyond the horizon. As the departure point for most Cairns Great Barrier Reef tours, the marina is your gateway to an aquatic paradise teeming with vibrant marine life and breathtaking underwater landscapes.

For those seeking a stroll amidst scenic surroundings, the Cairns Esplanade walk offers a picturesque route leading directly to the marina. Immerse yourself in the coastal charm of Cairns as you make your way to embark on your next unforgettable adventure from the Cairns Marlin Marina.

Top 5 Things to Do at Cairns Marina

  1. Explore Surrounding Parks: Stroll along the boardwalk and revel in the scenic vistas of the marina and Trinity Inlet.
  2. Dine and Unwind: Indulge in culinary delights at the various restaurants, cafes, and bars surrounding the marina, offering a diverse range of local and international cuisines.
  3. Embark on a Boat Tour: Choose from various boat tour options departing from the marina, including trips to the Great Barrier Reef and Green Island, for an unforgettable aquatic adventure.
  4. Discover Local Art and Culture: Immerse yourself in the region’s rich cultural heritage by visiting nearby art galleries and museums showcasing the works of local artists.
  5. Shop and Relax: Browse boutique shops offering gifts and souvenirs, then unwind with a coffee or refreshing drink at one of the cosy cafes.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Cairns Marina offers something for every traveller, promising an unforgettable experience amidst the natural beauty of Tropical North Queensland.

Cairns Marina Map

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Where is Cairns Marina located?

A. Cairns Marina is situated in Cairns, a vibrant city in the tropical north of Queensland, Australia. It serves as the gateway to the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

Q. What can I do at Cairns Marina?

A. A range of exciting activities and experiences. You can embark on snorkeling and diving tours to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy fishing charters, take scenic cruises, and even hop on island-hopping adventures to nearby tropical islands.

Q. How do I get to Cairns Marina from the airport?

A. Cairns Marina is approximately 6 kilometres (3.7 miles) from Cairns Airport. You can easily reach the marina by taxi, shuttle, or private transfer. The journey usually takes around 15–20 minutes.

Q. Is there parking available at Cairns Marina?

A. Yes, there is parking available at Cairns Marina for visitors and passengers. It is advisable to check with the marina about parking rates and availability.

Q. Can I rent boats or yachts at Cairns Marina?

A. Yes, boat and yacht charters are available for those who wish to explore the Great Barrier Reef independently. You can choose from various vessels to suit your preferences and group size.

Q. Are there restaurants and cafes at Cairns Marina?

A. Absolutely! Cairns Marina has a selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars where you can enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks with stunning waterfront views.

Q. Can I book Great Barrier Reef tours at Cairns Marina?

A. Cairns Marina is a hub for booking tours and experiences to the Great Barrier Reef. Many tour operators offer snorkelling, diving, and reef exploration trips.

Q. What other attractions are near Cairns Marina?

A. Cairns Marina is conveniently located near several popular attractions, including the Cairns Esplanade, where you can enjoy a stroll, relax on the sandy beaches, and visit the Cairns Aquarium.

Q. Can I see wildlife at Cairns Marina?

A. It’s common to spot marine wildlife around Cairns Marina, especially when boats come in and out of the harbour. Keep an eye out for small fish and various bird species.

Q. Is Cairns Marina suitable for families with kids?

A. Absolutely! Family-friendly activities, such as glass-bottom boat tours, allow kids to view the mesmerising underwater world without getting wet.

Q. Are there souvenir shops at Cairns Marina?

A. Yes, you can find souvenir shops at Cairns Marina, offering a variety of mementos, gifts, and local crafts to commemorate your visit to the Great Barrier Reef.

Q. Can I book accommodations near Cairns Marina?

A. Yes, hotels, resorts, and vacation apartments surround Cairns Marina, making accessing the marina and other attractions simple.

Q. Are there medical facilities or pharmacies nearby?

A. Yes, Cairns Marina is near the city centre, where medical facilities, pharmacies, and other essential services can be found.

Q. Are there water sports activities available at Cairns Marina?

A. This is the  perfect starting point for various water sports, such as jet skiing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding, offering endless aquatic adventures.

Q. Can I find dive shops and equipment rental at Cairns Marina?

A. Yes, several dive shops offer equipment rental and sales for snorkelling and scuba diving excursions. We recommend visiting 100 Abbott Street, Cairns, to purchase scuba diving and snorkelling equipment.

Q. Is there public transportation to Cairns Marina?

A. Yes, Cairns has a reliable public transportation system, and you can easily access Cairns Marina by bus or taxi from various points in the city.

Q. Can I book reef and rainforest combination tours from Cairns Marina?

A. Absolutely! This is an excellent starting point for booking combination tours that allow you to explore the Great Barrier Reef and the ancient rainforests of Far North Queensland.

You will find most Reef boats on the Marlin Marina’s southern end.

Reef Encounter and Reef Experience is on Finger A, allowing visitors to check in directly onboard Reef Experience.

While the Cairns Dinner Cruise boards on Finger A

Other Reef operators have a check-in desk inside the Reef Fleet Terminal.

Fishing trips also depart from this marina, providing adventure and the best tablefish in the World.

Before you depart, check Cairns weather to see what to wear and pack for the day.

Reef Fleet Terminal

Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal sits between the Pier Shopping Centre and Cairns Harbour lights at the Marlin Marina.

Several Reef operators have a desk where visitors check in inside the Reef Fleet Terminal.


From this Marine precinct, you can visit the following Reef locations:.

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