Discover Cairns Weather: Best Time to Visit and Year-Round Climate Guide

Welcome to Cairns, where the weather is as vibrant and diverse as the landscape! Explore this tropical paradise through the seasons and discover the best times.

Tropical Climate

Cairns boasts a tropical climate, offering high temperatures and humidity year-round. The city experiences its warmest months from December to April and its most delightful weather from June to August.

Average Temperatures

Expect daytime temperatures to range between 25 to 30°C (77 to 86°F) and nighttime temperatures to hover around 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F). While rainfall is significant, especially during January and February, Cairns enjoys plenty of sunny days throughout the year, particularly from June to September.

Seasonal Highlights:

Cairns thundering waterfalls in the wetseason

  • Summer (December – February): hot and humid with tropical showers, perfect for exploring the Daintree Rainforest and enjoying the Cairns lagoon.
  • Autumn (March-May): Warm and wet, ideal for experiencing the region’s lush greenery and witnessing the transition into the dry season.
  • Winter (June – August): peak tourist season with mild temperatures and lower humidity, perfect for Great Barrier Reef tours and beach relaxation.
  • Spring (September–November): transitioning into the wet season with rising humidity and the start of the annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef in November.

Daylight Hours:

Enjoy extended daylight hours in December, with sunrise around 5:40 am and sunset at 6:45 pm. June offers fewer daylight hours, with sunrise at approximately 6:45 am and sunset at 5:50 pm.

Daylight Saving Time

There is no daylight saving in Queensland, so you can make the most of every moment in Cairns without adjusting your clocks.

Swimming Temperature:

Green Island Beach

Dive into the refreshing waters of Cairns’ northern beaches, where the average sea temperature ranges from 28.9°C to 29.4°C (84–84.9°F) in summer and slightly lower in winter.

Stinger Season

Be mindful of stinger season, typically from November to May, and wear stinger suits for added protection. Monitored stinger netting along the beaches ensures safer swimming experiences.

UV Index

Check the UV index in local weather reports and protect yourself from sunburn with sun-smart clothing, sunscreen, and bug repellent.

Crocodile Awareness


Watch for crocodile signs around waterways and follow safety guidelines when exploring Cairns’ natural beauty.

No matter the weather, Cairns offers a wealth of unforgettable experiences. So pack your bags, embrace the sunshine, and prepare for an adventure unlike any other!

Cairns Weather Chart

Month Max Temp (°C) Min Temp (°C) Av Rainfall (mm) Av Rainy Days Av Clear Days Av Cloudy Days
January 31.4 23.6 386.6 17.8 4.0 15.8
February 31.1 23.7 453.0 19.1 2.4 17.5
March 30.5 23.0 420.3 19.1 4.1 16.3
April 29.2 21.6 197.7 17.8 5.0 13.8
May 27.6 19.8 93.2 13.6 6.8 12.5
June 25.9 17.7 46.5 9.6 8.9 10.0
July 25.7 17.0 28.7 8.8 9.8 9.8
August 26.5 17.4 27.9 8.1 11.5 7.6
September 28.0 18.6 34.6 7.6 12.3 5.7
October 29.5 20.6 39.6 8 11.8 5.3
November 30.6 22.3 94.4 10.1 7.7 7.4
December 31.3 23.3 180.4 13.7 5.5 11.7
Year 29.0 20.7 2002.8 153.4 89.8 133.4
Cairns Weather
Cairns Weather

Highlights of Visiting Cairns in the Wet season

Discover the highlights of visiting Cairns during the wet season and unlock a unique tropical experience. Despite the occasional rainfall, the wet season brings charm to Cairns, allowing travellers to witness the region’s lush glory. Here are some highlights to look forward to:

Lush Rainforests:

Daintree Rainforest

The wet season rejuvenates the rainforests surrounding Cairns, transforming them into vibrant green paradises. Explore iconic locations like the Daintree Rainforest and Kuranda during this time to witness nature at its most vibrant.

Waterfalls in Full Flow:

With increased rainfall, waterfalls in the region reach their peak flow during the wet season. Marvel at stunning cascades such as Barron Falls and Josephine Falls as they thunder with life and energy.

Vibrant Wildlife:

The wet season brings out an abundance of wildlife, from colourful birds to unique insects and amphibians. Explore the Cairns region to encounter diverse creatures amidst the lush foliage.

Refreshing Tropical Showers

Embrace the refreshing tropical showers that sporadically grace Cairns during the wet season. These brief downpours offer a welcome respite from the tropical heat and add to the region’s enchanting atmosphere.

Cultural Experiences

Enjoy the wet season to immerse yourself in cultural experiences such as Indigenous tours and Aboriginal cultural performances. Learn about the rich history and traditions of the local Indigenous communities.

Reduced Crowds

Enjoy Cairns’ attractions with fewer crowds during the wet season, allowing for a more intimate and immersive experience. Take advantage of quieter beaches, walking trails, and exploring attractions.

Embrace the wet season in Cairns for a genuinely unforgettable tropical adventure filled with lush landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and unique cultural experiences.

Highlights of visiting Cairns in the dry season

Explore the highlights of visiting Cairns during the dry season and embark on an unforgettable tropical journey filled with sunshine, adventure, and exploration. Here’s what makes Cairns shine during the dry season:

Ideal Weather

Experience perfect tropical weather with clear skies, warm temperatures, and low humidity during the dry season. Enjoy sun-kissed days and balmy evenings, which are ideal for outdoor activities and beach adventures.

Great Barrier Reef

Book Your Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling Adventure

Dive into the world’s most extensive coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, during the dry season when underwater visibility is at its best. Snorkel or dive amidst vibrant coral gardens, colourful fish, and mesmerising marine life.

Island Escapes

Take advantage of the dry season to explore the stunning islands off the coast of Cairns, including Green Island and Fitzroy Island. Relax on pristine beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, or hike through lush rainforest trails.

Outdoor Adventures:

From rainforest hikes to thrilling outdoor activities, Cairns offers endless opportunities for adventure during the dry season. Explore the ancient wonders of the Daintree Rainforest, go zip-lining through the treetops, or embark on a scenic hot-air balloon ride over the Atherton Tablelands.

Cultural Experiences

Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience


Immerse yourself in the rich Indigenous culture of the Cairns region with cultural tours and Aboriginal experiences. Learn about Dreamtime stories, traditional hunting techniques, and ancient rituals passed down through generations.

Festivals and Events:

Experience the vibrant cultural scene of Cairns during the dry season with various festivals and events. Cairns always has something exciting, from music and arts festivals to food and wine events.

Wildlife Encounters

During guided wildlife tours and eco-adventures, spot iconic Australian wildlife in their natural habitat, including kangaroos, wallabies, and colourful birds. Explore wildlife sanctuaries and conservation parks to learn about the region’s unique flora and fauna.

Scenic Drives

Captain Cook Highway

Hit the road and embark on scenic drives through the picturesque landscapes surrounding Cairns. Discover hidden waterfalls, panoramic viewpoints, and charming coastal villages.

Experience the magic of Cairns during the dry season and create unforgettable memories in Australia’s tropical paradise.

Cairns Weather FAQ’s

Q. What is the best time to visit Cairns for good weather?

A. The best time to visit Cairns is during the dry season, which typically runs from April to November. This period offers pleasant, sunny weather with lower chances of rain.

Q. Does Cairns experience cyclones?

A. Cairns can experience cyclones, especially during the wet season (December to March). It’s important to monitor weather forecasts and be prepared if you plan to visit during this time.

Q. What is the average temperature in Cairns throughout the year?

A. Cairns enjoys a tropical climate. Average temperatures range from 24°C (75°F) in winter to 31°C (88°F) in summer, making it a great destination year-round.

Q. Is there a rainy season in Cairns?

A. Yes, Cairns has a wet season from December to March. During this time, heavy rainfall and higher humidity levels are expected.

Q. Are there any weather-related activities to enjoy in Cairns?

A. Absolutely! Cairns offers a range of weather-dependent activities, from snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef to exploring the Daintree Rainforest. Be sure to check the weather forecast to plan your adventures accordingly.

Q. What should I pack for my Cairns trip?

A. Pack lightweight clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent. Don’t forget a rain jacket if you’re visiting during the wet season.

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